Why Use Glass Science® Visibility Products?

Whatever vehicle you drive or whatever type of transportation you use.  Glass Science products make glass better & protected from the elements.

Why use Rain Clear® Glass Treatment?

When rain, sleet, snow, salt, bugs and road grime covers windshields, side & rear windows, mirrors and lights they distorts your vision and interfere with your ability to see the road clearly and safely. It’s even more dangerous at night when filming by water, snow and ice intensifies the distortion and causes “night glare” which is made even worse by oncoming headlights or streetlights. Windshield wipers never seem to keep up with stormy weather and just don’t work properly due to worn out or malfunctioning wiper blades.

How Does It Work?

Rain Clear’s unique polymer chemistry provides an invisible, hydrophobic action on windshields, side and rear windows, mirrors and lights causing water to “bead up” and quickly roll off glass or be swept away by aerodynamic wind flow while driving. Rain Clear’s ongoing “repelling action” lets you see through the worst kinds of weather for dramatically improved visibility, safety & driving comfort. Rain Clear also reduces the adhesion and build-up of frost, salt, mud, bugs and grime for cleaner, clearer automotive glass year round.

How long will Rain Clear® last?

A single application of Rain Clear lasts up to 6 months on windshields and over a full year on side and rear windows, mirrors or lights (depending upon the weather and environmental conditions). Rain Clear chemically bonds to glass so it is unaffected by soaps, solvents and detergents.

Does Rain Clear® have a shelf life?

NO, in fact, none of UNELKO’s products have a shelf life. The formula in its original packaging will perform the same many years from now as it does today!

Can Fog Clear® Anti Fog be applied to tinted windows?

Yes, it is ammonia-free, and will eliminate fogging as and when needed.

Can Glass Science’s Anti-Fog and Rain Repellent “VOC-Free” GEL treatments be used on acrylic or polycarbonates?

Yes, their VOC- Free Gel Formulas were invented to be used on- and are compatible- with acrylic, plastic, motor bike helmets or motor bike windshields.

Why Use Headlight Clear™?

Over time, plastic headlights become oxidized rendering them hazy and yellow. This causes headlights to shine less brightly, which is dangerous for the driver.  Headlight Clear™ cleans and restores headlights while simultaneously imparting a “protective barrier” to reduce the adhesion and build up, soil & road grime.

Do I Need To Prepare or Clean the Surface Before Application?

Other than washing and drying the surface, there is no other prep work that needs to be done. If glass has water spots, hard water minerals, salt and insect buildup, use Glass Scrub or Critical Glass Primer to deep clean once and for all.

How do I Maintain a “Protected” Surface?

We recommend periodically cleaning and renewing the surface protection once it is treated.  Unelko’s ongoing research & development has led to patented “dual- action” glass cleaners that clean to a streak-free shine and simultaneously renew the water, soil & stain repellent barrier coating in 1-Step.